The Nomination and Selection Process
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The International Convention on Nation-Building,
Wellness & Peace (ICNWP) 2024
26-28 June 2024

"The International Conference on Nation-Building (ICNB) 2024"
26 June 2024

"The International Conference on Peace, Development &Nation-Building 2024”
28 June 2024

"The International Conference on GoldenZone Wellness 2024”
27 June 2024


The Nomination and Selection Process

1. The nomination process was done by nominating by the Nomination Committee, who are experts in the fields and selected by the organizer.

2. In the selection process, there are 5 stages which are:

2.1 Screening: The candidates will be screened by the personnel of the award organizer.

2.2 Consulting: Experts are set up to analyze the data scientifically according to criteria that created based on the concept of the awards and to provide the report to the award organizer.

2.3 Recommending: The award organizer gathers all information and recommend the final candidates to the International Selection Committee which is comprised of international prominent figures, namely the followings:

1) H.E. Frederick Sumaye (Tanzania), Former Prime Minister of Tanzania

2) H.E. General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (Thailand), Former Prime Minister of Thailand

3) H.E. Shamsher M. Chowdhury (Bangladesh), Former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh

4) H.E. Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury (Bangladesh), Former Minister of Commerce of Bangladesh
5) Dr. Mehari T. Maru (Ethiopia), African Union High Level Advisory Group on Humanitarian Affairs

6) Mr. Thibault Danjou (France), Expert to the Directorate General on Research and Innovation of the EU Commission
7) Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Michael Yeoh (Malaysia), President of Kingsley Strategic Institute (KSI), Chairman of the WCES and President of the International Strategy Institute Asia (ISI)

8) Dato’ Michael Loh (Singapore), Executive Chairman of ASTI Holdings Ltd.

9) Dato’ Dr. Jessie Tang (Malaysia), Founder and Group CEO of East West One Group

10) Prof. Joe Luca, (Australia), Dean of Graduate Research School, Edith Cowan University
11) Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun (Thailand), Chairman of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

12) Mr. David Plattner (USA), CEO, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, RainTrust Plantation LLC
13) Mr. Thomas F. Daetwyler (Switzerland), Chairman, Baur Asia Pte. Ltd.
14) Mr. Winston Ling (Brazil), Co-founder of IEE and founder of the Instituto Liberdade

2.4 Selecting: The winners are selected by the International Selection Committee using voting methods.

2.5 Approving: The organizer’s management board is responsible in approving the selected candidates.