Program ICNB 2020
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Post-Crisis Nation-Building Strategies
The 6th International Conference on Nation-Building 2022

8 - 9 December 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

in the World of Flux

Day 1 : 18 NOVEMBER 2020

08:30-09:00 Registration

Morning Session

  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Opening Keynote Addresses: Building a Nation in the Midst of Pandemic: Thailand’s Experiences and Lessons for the World
  • Special Address: Future of the World in Post-COVID Era: Challenges and Solutions
  • Special Address: How Can the World Work Together to Shape Our Future After the Crisis?
  • Keynote Address: Nation-Building and Pandemic New Normal

Morning Tea Break

Session 1: World Projection for Year 2021: Critical Issues that will Shake, Shift, Shape the World in 2021

This panel session will explore critical factors which will be shaking, shifting, and shaping the global landscape, which to some extent constrain choices and shape opportunities for nation-building, in the context where there will be leadership transition in the US, continuity of COVID-19 pandemic, global economic recession, rise of nationalism and inward-looking policies, and US-China confrontation. How will these factors be changed and impact nation-building in 2021?

  • In Conversation with The World Shaker

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session

Session 2: Development Strategies for Nation-Building in Pandemic New Normal Era

Countries across the world are facing critical challenges as a result of COVID-19 impact. Key question remains as how would they navigate their countries to recover to the stage prior to the pandemic crisis and continue their nation-building efforts. This endeavor requires innovative development strategies that are not only addressing economic recovery, but also strengthening nation-building vision socially and politically. This attempt is even harder than normal condition as the impact of pandemic became global linkage. Leaders and experts will creatively address such situation through the public policy and macro development strategy lens:

  • What lessons we can learn from experiences which countries around the world have done in addressing the current crisis and preparing for future new normal conditions?
  • What would be the most effective development policies and strategies for nation-building in the context of new normal after the pandemic?
  • How can the government best mobilize and utilize resources to implement policies and manage the recovery of a nation and propel future development?

Session 3: Business Synergies for the Nation’s Resilience in Pandemic New Normal Crisis

The pandemic challenges we face today transcend industries and national borders. Business has a unique role to play today in nation-building. Whereas the growing number of challenges in the ecosystems in which businesses operate once we move to the post-crisis new normal, business yet needs to work in a more synergistic ways to help build nation back to strength and build a country forward to a stronger position and be a more resilient society that can withstand future cataclysms. This session aims to address:

  • What role should business play to contribute towards a smarter recovery of a nation and strengthen nation’s resilience?
  • How can business work together to synergize each other’s strengths to move a country forward to the new opportunities?

Afternoon Tea Break

Session 4: Global Transformation in the Age of Pandemic New Normal and Role of Civic Sector for Nation-Building

COVID-19 pandemic has initiated transformation globally and created new way of doing business, new work pattern, new relationship pattern, new mode of social interaction, new mode of learning, for instance. Some of the changes happen to be at the global scale yet require solution at the national scale. The changes demand new smart way of responses. Civic sector has a crucial role to play in response to pandemic and adjustment to new normal way of life. Thus, the session discusses:

  • In what ways can civic sector create social innovation that provides solutions towards a new transition with social impact after a pandemic crisis?
  • How can the role of civic sector be strengthened to contribute to nation-building through new socio-economic patterns?

Session 5: Policy and Business Forum: Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Nation-Building and Recovery after the Crisis?

Without collaboration and cooperation, we will not be able to tackle the pandemic in a successful way. Cross-sectoral collaboration between public, private, and people sectors within a country and cross-border cooperation is necessary. Knowledge and information sharing, medical supplies support across country, cross-border disease control, are just a few examples of desired cross-sectoral collaboration the world demands. Especially producing the number of vaccine doses needed to effectively immunize the population will require the combined efforts of many different organizations from many different fields. On a global level, vaccine distribution will require collaboration between governments, relaxing competition laws pertaining to the development and production of vaccine. However, such needed collaboration in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic appears to be insufficient nowadays. This session will search for innovative ideas and good practices of cross-sectoral collaboration models. What would be effective measures, mechanisms, systems, or incentives that could institutionalize such kind of needed collaboration?

Evening Session

Award Ceremony for Nation-Building and World Setter Awards

DAY 2 : 19 NOVEMBER 2020

08:30-09:00 Registration

Morning Session

  • Welcoming Remarks and Announcement of the Result of Crisis Management Index and Nation-Building Index
  • Academic Forum and Paper Presentation