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Post-Crisis Nation-Building Strategies
The 6th International Conference on Nation-Building 2022

8 - 9 December 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

in the World of Flux

About Nation-Building Institute (NBI)

The Nation-Building Institute International (NBII) was founded in Bangkok, Thailand by Professor Dr. Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, with a vision to establish a leading institute for the development of morally guided leadership with systematised management skills for nation-building.

NBII believes in cultivating informed future leaders and virtuous individuals to shape the communities that drive nation-building. NBII is functioned as an umbrella institution that oversees the activities of its country-specific institute including NBI Thailand (NBIT) and NBI Malaysia (NBIM). NBI institutions will implement NBII’s programs on a national level within the context of their respective country. To this end, it conducts educational programs, interdisciplinary research, and collaborative development projects through engagements with the public, private and people (or civic) sectors across the world, both locally and regionally, especially in ASEAN Plus countries.


NBII aims to be the world’s leading institute on nation-building and an independent think tank that focuses on regional governance and strategic political-socio-economic development toward a civilized nation.

  • NBII’s mission has been to engage the nation’s leaders of the public, private and civil sectors in order to
    instil nation-building ideology, concepts and strategies needed for the sustainable development of the country toward a nation of civility, and
  • to effectuate real social impact on a national level.


International Conference on Nation-Building (ICNB)

This conference is held annually to bring people from across continents, disciplines, and sectors to come together to share, exchange, and learn from different experiences and to collectively find solutions to the common current and future challenges of the world. ICNB hopes to be global platform for global leaders to mutually shape the solution of global problems towards the right direction, or executing meaningful change with concrete outcomes for the future better of humankind.

  • The First ICNB was organized in 2017 around the theme of “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Economic, Political and Social Development”. It was held during 28th and 30th May, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The Second ICNB in 2018 focused on the theme of “Innovative Solutions for Rural Development to Move towards a Developed Country” and was held between 6th and 8th November, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The Third ICNB was arranged under the theme “Connecting Government, Business and Civic Society towards the Development of a High Income Nation”. This conference was held between 26th and 27th November, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The Forth ICNB was organized along the theme “Nation-Building in the Pandemic New Normal” between 18th and 19th November, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The Fifth ICNB will be held in Bangkok along the theme “Nation-Building and Crisis Recovery” between 8th and 9th September, 2021

Senior Executive Program (SEP)

The Senior Executive Program is an in-person immersive program on Nation-Building, targeting current and former leaders in the public, private and people (civic) sectors. Program aims to equip participants to master nation-building principles and skills and learn how to think like a nation builder with public-mindedness. In addition, participants will receive real-world experience in nation-building and execute actionable social enterprise projects that will make ready the participants for a path as a change-maker in any organizations they involve. At the end of the program, participants are expected to obtain a 360-degree understanding of the nation-building ecosystem, and develop vision and plans suited for their local community progress.

Nation-Building Institute International (NBII) Award

The Nation-Building Institute International Award is the world’s first prestigious award to honour individuals and corporations who have made a significant and valuable contribution to nation-building and significant progress of a nation. Awards have been given to honour individuals who have sacrificially devoted their ability, time and/or possessions to make their society and their nation prosper economically, socially or politically, for the well-being of the people. The Corporate Awards are to honour corporations or organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to do good for society by developing people, systems and contexts that are effective, resulting in significant and valuable contributions to their society and their nations.

The candidates are screened by the Nomination Committee. Then, the Selection Committee was set up with large number of highly qualified and people of stature from all over the world to carefully review achievements of each candidate objectively and systematically according to criteria that were developed based on clear concepts of each award. Based on their achievements, the Selection Committee chooses the most suitable recipient for each award.

World Setter Awards

World Setter Awards are bestowed to individuals who bring change at the global level or set the global trend on the issue that has a great impact on people’s well-being. The Award includes three different categories: World Shaker (a person who shakes public realization on vital global issues); World Shifter (a person who shifts the solution of the global outcomes towards the right direction); and World Shaper (a person who executes meaningful change with concrete outcomes).

Some of the award recipients (individuals and institutions) were:

• Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia for the Nation-Building Lifetime Achievement Award (Public Sector)
• Mr. Ratan N. Tata for the Nation-Building Lifetime Achievement Award (Private Sector)
• Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Laurette, Founder of the Grameen Bank for the Nation-Building Lifetime Achievement Award (People Sector)
• Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes, founder of Air Asia, for the Nation-Building Lifetime Achievement Award (Private Sector)
• Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (Public Sector)
• Thai Health Promotion Foundation for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (Public Sector)
• Aurolab, India, for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (Private Sector)
• Barefoot College for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (People Sector)
• Tzu Chi Foundation for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (People Sector)
• Petronas, Malaysia for the Corporate Nation-Building Award (Private sector)

Research Initiatives and Cap-corner Stone Project Forum

As a Think Tank role, NBII aims to produce insightful reports on the socio-economic impact of nation-level and regional-level policies or development projects within and beyond the ASEAN Plus region, and subsequently extend thoughtful and actionable recommendations.
NBII formulates the research premise and objectives, and sets the research protocols and standards for the local partners and offices to implement. In addition, NBII manages the distribution of research resources across its network of international offices.
The Cap-Corner Stone Project allows researchers, academias, social activists to present research proposals, findings and innovative solutions to the current challenges in ASEAN Plus region. Participating in the programs will present their Cap-Corner Stone project findings and the innovative solutions they piloted.

Overseas Study Visit

NBII aims to conduct study visits to provide experiential learning at various overseas destinations. The study visits will focus on excursions to special areas of best practices in specific issues for example countries with world-class achievements in some specific areas such as the Estonia on digital society, Lithuania on biotechnology, Finland on education, etc. Participants will jointly examine nation-building initiatives and explore actionable solutions.

NBI Youth Programme

The NBI Youth Programme aims to establish NBI Youth clubs in all schools and colleges across Thailand. The Club is a platform for youth development in schools to enhance leadership, management and morality of the youth and prepare them to become responsible citizens who have creativity, innovativeness, leadership, teamwork spirit, public mindedness and care for their nations. By 2020, around 3,100 NBI Youth Clubs, with more than 100,000 members, have been established in schools and colleges across Thailand that encourages the involvement of young people in dialogue and actions for nation-building. NBII also organized the Youth-Leadership Empowerment Summer Program (NBI YES) during university semester break for university students as intensive leadership training program which has been conducted annually since 2019.

NBII Teacher Development Programme

The NBII Teacher Development Programme aims to equip teachers to become more competent teachers with spirit of public mindedness and care for students. Teacher development programme will enhance leadership, management and morality of teachers and strengthen them in professionalism, innovativeness, leadership, teamwork spirit, public mindedness and care for their nations. Starting with schools and colleges that involve with NBI Youth Programme, it will soon reach out to teachers across Thailand.

NBII: The Steps towards Internationalisation of Nation-Building Institute

NBII represents the progressive vision of the original founders of Thailand’s NBI in Bangkok: to expand its successful nation-building initiatives outside of Thailand and inspire change-makers to improve communities across the globe especially the ASEAN Plus region. To achieve this vision, NBII has developed an internationalisation agenda to foster local and regional linkages between the 3P sectors across the globe and the ASEAN Plus countries by emulating the pedagogy and protocols of NBI Thailand’s programs, i.e. the implementation of education programs, research initiatives and collaborative developmental projects for rigorously selected participants.

NBII’s Mission Statement is essentially to systematise the existing philosophy, principles and ethos of nation-building into a pragmatic framework that can not only be applied by individuals of diverse sectors to cause societal impact, but also be adopted by different nations in the pursuit of their respective developmental goals.


Nation-Building Institute

87/110 Modern Town Tower, Sukumvit 63 Road, Klongton Neua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, THALAND
Tel: +66 2711 7474 Email: info@nbi.in.th

Nation-Building Institute Malaysia

Jalan PJU 1a/1c, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Tel : +60 17 2062 657 Email: nbim@nbi.in.th