Academic Forum Themes
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Post-Crisis Nation-Building Strategies
The 6th International Conference on Nation-Building 2022

8 - 9 December 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

in the World of Flux

Academic Forum Themes

1) Economic Initiatives and Strategies for Crisis Recovery

• Management of Impact Industries, e.g. Tourism, International Transport
• Disrupted Supply Chain, e.g. Logistics
• Changes in Labour Supply and Labour Productivity
• New Business Models
• Changes in Working Environments
• Technological Development for Crisis Management
• Business Strategies and Management
• Public Debt and Long-term Economic Growth
• Economic Stimulus Policies

2) Societal Initiatives and Strategies for Crisis Recovery

• Proposals to reduce Unemployment
• National Security Strategies, e.g. Health, Food
• New Methods of Learning
• Social Safety Net
• Changing Lifestyles
• Balancing Health with Economic Wellbeing
• Urban – Rural Migration
• Poverty and Inequality
• Family and Community Relationships
• The Impact on Happiness and Mental Health
• Waste and Environmental Impacts

3) Political Initiatives and Strategies for Crisis Recovery

• International Cooperation
• Tri-sector Partnerships
• New Governance of National Interests and National Resources
• Policies for Crisis Recovery
• New Leadership, Management and Morality

4) Wellness Initiatives and Strategies for Crisis Recovery

• Physical Wellness
• Intellectual (Cognitive) Wellness
• Spiritual Wellness: Meditation, Moral, Ideological
• Psychological and Emotional Wellness
• Wellness for Self-Care
• Wellness Exercise
• Wellness and Tourism
• Wellness and Technology
• Digital Healthcare for Wellness
• SPA Wellness
• Longevity Medicine for Wellness
• Anti-aging & Rejuvenation Therapy for Wellness
• Longevity Genetic Tests and Intervention for Wellness
• Elderly Wellness
• Food Wellness
• Traditional Chinese Medicine for Wellness
• Traditional Thai Medicine for Wellness